Explore 40 of the Coolest SaaS Website Designs to Boost Your Creativity in 2023

Explore 40 of the Coolest SaaS Website Designs to Boost Your Creativity in 2023

They do a great job of showing the features their platform has to offer through a drop-down menu. They also have a list of their customers on their How Do I List Remote Work on my Resume? Remote Work Guide homepage, boosting social proof. It gives visitors simple and easy-to-understand pricing, with a toggle to bounce between monthly and annual plans.

Being able to see the portfolio work on Toptal’s platform is what gave me the infomation I needed to choose Michael. I have nothing but good things to say about Toptal and am looking forward to using Toptal for other projects in the future. ‍Jasper AI is a great example of a SaaS company implementing a simple registration process.

Common SaaS Product Design Standards

Websites communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. The main goal is to give an overview of and create interest in product, services and company. This cloud platform aggregates real-time data and controls for buildings, such as heating, cooling, lighting, alarms, sensors, industrial equipment, etc. Above all, the Motion system makes management of remote building automation systems super simple. Colorful, illustrated web design for a SaaS company that helps businesses grow with web push notifications. The illustrations engage the users and communicate rapidly what the company does and has to offer.

Что входит в SaaS?

  • приложение приспособлено для удаленного использования;
  • одним приложением пользуется несколько клиентов;
  • оплата взимается либо в виде ежемесячной абонентской платы, либо на основе объёма операций;
  • техническая поддержка приложения включена в оплату;

This is a must for the convenient display of information and working with metrics as a whole. For example, the below example of a sign-up design for SaaS HelpScout is plain and easy. For example, Docspo takes the best of applying big font to create a clear and impressive message.

Create beautiful, enterprise-level dashboard designs with time-saving Figma UI kits & Figma templates

Below is a description of how the SaaS design process should rely on the best practices and what aspects it should involve. An important note here is that you should email or send notifications on the updates you make. This will help your customers quickly grasp what has changed https://investmentsanalysis.info/java-developer-roles-responsibilities-bmc-software-2/ and keep using your app. It should be easy to contact the company’s support team through a chat window. Creating a bot to solve the most typical issues is a common practice. Creating a vivid call-to-action button is an excellent way to involve more users in the sign-up process.

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Collaboration can be added to each and every step of this process, and I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for your product design. And it is not only the SaaS user that changes rapidly but also the ecosystem your product is located. It’s a fast-paced environment in which your SaaS product tries to thrive, so UX becomes more important in order to keep your users content with your product. According to PwC’s report on customer experience , 42% of customers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

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